My backlog just got a whole lot longer

Thanks Humble Indie Bundle.

Yes, it’s that time of year again–though it seems like there’s always a Humble Indie something going on these days, but it’s hard to complain. Developers offer up their games for whatever you’re willing to pay, with the user designating how much of the donation should go to developers, to charity, or to the fine folks who throw this all together.

I’m definitely seeing some improvements over previous bundles this year–for one, the games are insanely good. Not that they weren’t in past bundles, but all of the games this year were on my tentative to-be-played list: Shank, Super Meat Boy, NightSky, Jamestown, and Bit.Trip Runner, with Cave Story+ and Gratuitous Space Battles as a bonus. The last two are interesting, because you only get them if your donation beats the average, adding an element of gamificaiton that might encourage more donations overall, rather than hoping for higher donations from rich gaming luminaries like Notch, who threw down a fat stack of Minecraft cash last year to make everyone else look like a cheapskate.

Good to see that all the games are OS X friendly from day one, and all of them come bundled under a single Steam key. Last year, the Steam key came later, and not all of the games were available for Mac gamers–we’re a marginal population I realize, but it made the decision to donate that much easier.

Now I’m committed, for better or worse. I’ll dig into all the games in detail at some point (time for a staycation?) but I feel a little better than indulging my game-buying itch went to a worthy cause this time. You should do the same.

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